Bringing the Supper club experience to the masses

You receive a text with directions to a secret location. Before you know it, you’re in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, a guest at a seemingly clandestine dinner party. Everyone else is a complete stranger and you don’t know what’s on the menu…



The underground dining scene

The supper club scene has been around for decades but the digital era has allowed easier sharing of information through secret emails lists, websites and, more recently, social media.

What was once the haunt of exclusive foodies in the know is now accessible to us all. People go for different reasons:  social interaction with strangers over food or trying different kinds of foods in non-restaurant settings - sometimes quite unusual.

The only way to start this project was to experience supper clubs first hand and get the inside information from the host and regular guests. 

Of course that meant we had to eat delicious food, meet new interesting people, get to go to different places in and around Brighton. But we took that on the chin.

How might we design an experience that surfaces the supper clubs, secret restaurants and home bistros but still make it feel underground, like a secret member’s club?

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The essence of a supper club - social dining

Hosts love looking after people and get a real sense of satisfaction watching people eat their food and enjoy their hospitality. 

Guests enjoy the thrill of the unknown and look forward to an exciting evening of new food and potential new friendships.  

We used this knowledge to craft the structure and flow of the on boarding experience.


Tabl manners

Newcomers need a bit of help understanding what to expect and how to act, so we created guidelines for Supper Club etiquette to help newbies with their first time.


Word of mouth

By launching at the Brighton Food Festival, with a handful of successful hosts, sell out supper clubs and large followings, we grew the site organically through recommendations and reviews.



Evolution of Tabl & the supper club

Since the launch more platforms have emerged and supper clubs have become popular in mainstream indicating that this is a new kind of experience people really want. Tabl has gone from strength to strength and developed the platform to include craft food and recipes.




Guerrilla research at Supperclubs

Experience design for the Supper Club platform

Brand messaging for the launch

Films for the launch